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We are at PULIRE The Smart Show in Verona / Italy
We are coming to participate in ISSA / Interclean in Amsterdam / Netherland in May 10-11-12-13.
New Fiber Body Compact Automatic Carpet Washing Machine
We are happy to announce that we have published our new product " Fiber Body Compact Automatic Carpet Washing Machine "
Automatic Carpet Washing Machines
Automatic carpet and area rug washing machines are one of the most important products groups in our production and export of cleaning machines. 2 meters to 4 meters all sizes carpets are washed effectively in high capacities with our automatic carpet washing machines. Rail type and table type automatic carpet washing machines in various sizes are available.
Steam Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Machines
Our model of ISV 2800-S produces up to 150-170 degrees of steam through its steam generator. Steam helps dissolve dirts in a short period of time and leaves no wetness on surfaces. Moisture created by steam also dissapears quickly. Along with providing high quality of cleaning ,it also disinfects the surfaces with 150 degrees of heat..
Carpet Wringer Centrifuge Dryers
Freshly washed wet carpets are rolled and placed into the carpet dryer centrifuge wringer machines, through time adjusted role, proximately 2 minutes later carpet comes out five persent humid. Our various sizes and models of carpet wringer centrifuges are being shipped to more than 50 countries worldwide.
Automatic carpet duster machine
Studies have proven that 50 to 100gr of dust is noticed to come out of every avarage 6 sqm rug that goes trough dusting machines. Dusting rugs before washing reduces the time ,water and detergants needed to reach ultimate cleaning.
Walk Behind & Ride On Floor Scrubber & Dryers
First class hard floor maintenance and cleaning with high capacity Saves up to 85 percent on water, chemicals and labor. In a single pass, automatically spreads out the chemical water on the floor in the same time provides effective cleaning with its high power vacuum. Battery models are capable of running up to four hours on a single charge. Models avaliable capable of cleaning in the range of 1000 to 6000 square meters in only one hour operated by one person
Street Cleanıng Vehıcles
Low investment with savings on managing Different size and capacities are avaliable Standardly Equipped with strong vacuuming units High maneuvering capacity Simple and easy maintanence schedule
Battery powered Pay Load & Passenger Carts
Quite running Economical Enviroment friendly Easy to use Specific projects welcome No frequent maintanence required